After graduating with a BA Honours Degree in printed textiles, I freelanced in London and Paris selling designs worldwide. I was Neisha Crosland’s design assistant for over ten years, working on a range of wallpapers, fabrics, stationary and collections for Hankyu Department Store in Japan. I’ve now returned to my West Country roots, raising a family and running my own studio in Devon, focusing on surface pattern, paper goods, branding and styling.

From a young age I had a passion for simple repeat pattern. I love how the rhythmic placement of a design can create different moods, changing scale and colour to suit the product. Drawing and colour is at the heart of my design process. All designs and templates begin as pencil sketches, I then applying gouache paints to create unusual colour combinations. Every project is treated with a sense of craftmanship, giving it the attention to detail it deserves. My style has simplicity, elegance and thoughtfulness, creating just the right balance. I’m influenced by the pattern of nature and the functional design ethos of Scandinavia and Japan.

When my pens and paint brushes are down I’m out finding inspiration from the rustic countryside and enjoying life by the coast. I’m always packing up picnics or trying out the latest beach café with friends and family or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. You might even find me trying to tame my cottage garden!

Please get in touch, I’d love to collaborate with you on your new exciting project.